Psychologists like Dr. Edwards are the experts in testing.  No other profession is trained as thoroughly in the use and interpretation of psychological tests and assessments.

Dr. Edwards performs psychological evaluations of individuals entering high-risk professions.  For example, he has performed hundreds of evaluations of individuals seeking to enter the ministry.  It is critical that such persons are stable and have appropriate strengths to perform their duties well.
Psychological assessment can be helpful in many ways.
Psychological Assessment
Career testing is useful for people of all ages who are making decisions about their career path.  These individuals could be high school students who want to understand their career direction, or seasoned professionals who are re-examining their career direction. Career assessment involves exploring a person’s interests, abilities, personality style and motivation.  These factors interact to determine one’s best career fit.

Personality testing is one type of testing that can be particularly helpful when a person is having difficulty understanding his or her difficulties.  Understanding one’s personality traits can open a window to the particular patterns or traits that are causing problems.   

Cognitive testing can be helpful in understanding attention or concentration problems, learning problems, or anger control problems.  These tests are used to diagnose learning differences in children and adults and to understand the underlying reasons for poor school or work performance.

In consulting psychological assessments provide the hard data needed to create change.  In executive coaching, testing can provide the executive with a clearer view of him or herself and what behaviors need to change.  It creates buy-in and motivates the executive to change.

Depending on the situation, Dr. Edwards might use objective measures to quantify any of the following:
» An individual’s thinking, working and relating styles
» Abilities in reasoning and verbal tasks
» Leadership skills and practices
» A work team’s functioning in areas critical to effectiveness
» Emotional Intelligence
» Resilience
Identifying these key attributes assists the organization in selecting, promoting, and grooming the leadership that will determine an organization’s future.

If you have any questions about testing and assessment, call Dr. Edwards and he will be glad to discuss your situation.

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