Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Empirical research has shown Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to be the most effective treatment for depression and anxiety.  It is a time-limited approach (averaging about 20 sessions) which focuses on a person’s thoughts and actions as the keys to changing how they feel.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

  Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is:
» empirically based.  It has been shown to provide effective treatment for depression, anxiety and many other disorders that has been scientifically tested in over 300 clinical trials.  
» goal-oriented.  Dr. Edwards and clients work together to set clear, measurable goals for therapy and to monitor progress toward the goals.
» practical and concrete.  Therapy is intended to solve concrete problems.  Typical goals include eliminating or decreasing depressive symptoms, panic attacks, compulsive rituals, procrastination, social isolation, and improving mood and relationships.
» collaborative and active.  Dr. Edwards and clients work together, as a team, to understand and develop strategies to address the patient’s difficulties.  Dr. Edwards serves as teacher and coach, and the client works outside of therapy sessions to practice what is learned in session. 
» skill-based.  Clients learn specific skills that they can use for the rest of their lives.  Hence, the chances of relapse are reduced.

Dr. Edwards training in cognitive behavioral therapy includes personal training by Dr. Aaron T. Beck (the father of cognitive therapy) and Dr. Judy Beck at the Beck Institute in Philadelphia.  Dr. Edwards has served as an Adjunct Clinical faculty member in the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School Department of Psychiatry where he has trained psychologists and psychiatrists in CBT since 1997.

Since 2004 Dr. Edwards has worked with Professor Robin Jarrett, PhD, at UT Southwestern Medical School’s Psychosocial and Depression Clinic.  He has successfully treated the most difficult cases of recurrent major depression using cognitive therapy without medication.  This experience and training attest to Dr. Edwards’ status as an expert in the treatment of depression and anxiety.

An excellent article of CBT appeared as the cover story of the April 2007 Forbes Magazine.

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